A Pool Full of Bugs

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Subject: A Pool Full of Bugs

CG Online dives into the issues that Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor faced at its retail release (installer bug, gameplay/save bugs, etc). Covering four pages, it chronicles the issues in great detail. Here's a snip:

So how did this veritable disaster slip through testing? "We're kind of looking into that right now," says Graham. "The one thing I can say is that it is not a conspiracy. We didn't deliberately do these things. It just looks really bad but certainly it's not something we did on purpose." Nor was it a case of "the suits" forcing them to ship the game in an unfinished state, he asserts. "Some people are worried that this was upper management pushing this out with known bugs and that's not the case." Just what did happen, however, remains unknown, though Graham admits they have no idea how the install bug slipped through. As for the much more serious uninstall problem, he claims that it's so statistically rare that catching it would have been pure luck. "Twenty out of 40,000 [Ubi Soft estimates that the game has sold at least 40,000 copies to gamers as of 10/10] people, that's not a lot. What ever went wrong with that we probably weren't going to find, because it's so uncommon."
I'm not planning on playing this one again until they at least get the 1.2 patch out, I've already lost my saved game once.
Source: CG Online (http://www.cgonline.com/)

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