Anarchy Online Presidential address

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Subject: Anarchy Online Presidential address

For those who play Anarchy Online, Andre Backen, president of FunCom, has posted an address to Anarchy Online players discussing some of the problems the game faces and what they aim to do to correct them. Here's a snip:

To the Players of Anarchy Online: Let me state the obvious: Anarchy Online is not a perfect game. Far from it. As the president of Funcom, it is time to share some thoughts and reflections with our community.

Anarchy Online has become a highly controversial title. It is a great game with lots of potential, but it is also the game everyone talks about when they are discussing bad launches and lack of customer service. We have placed ourselves in this situation, and instead of looking back, pointing out all the mistakes we have done, I will explain to you what we intend to do to make Anarchy Online better.
There's another way to move forward, refund the purchase price to the poor soles unfortunate to buy the game and take the servers offline.

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