Firing Squad on Windows XP

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Subject: Firing Squad on Windows XP

The gents over at Firing Squad have posted their review of Windows XP, giving it an overall score of 85%. What do they think about it? Here's a snip:

The question simply comes down to whether or not you need and or want the new features that Windows XP offers. If you're a gamer and are satisfied with Windows 98SE, by all means, don't upgrade and risk losing the ability to play some of your favorite games. If you're at the office, you might want to steer clear for a while to let many of the bugs get addressed before making the plunge. Some of us are already experiencing some problems at work getting Windows XP to communicate through the network with older Windows machines. Ask critically and carefully, and then decide, after examining all the features that Windows XP provides and compare them to what you currently have, whether or not to take the XP route.
If anything, dual-boot between 98SE and XP, best of both worlds.

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