Tactical Ops 2.10 Released For UT

Posters Name: Squirre1
Posters Email: squirre1@mwgl.org
Subject: Tactical Ops 2.10 Released For UT

There is a new version of the Tactical Ops MOD for UT. This version 2.10 release, there is a whole load of fixes. Here are just a few of them to get ya started:


  • Weapons specs rebalanced.
  • Shotguns now have a static accuracy (not affected by movement).
  • New sounds for Ak47, SteyrAug, HK SR9, Shotguns, Famas G2, HK 33, M4m203, HK MP5 Navy, HK MP5k PDW, Flashbang.
  • Improved firing effects. Rebalanced hit sounds and shellcase impact volume.
  • Hiding weapons is back ( handness ).
  • Improved Smoke Grenade code.
    Bot AI
  • Fixed a bug where bots couldn't find where the C4 was located.
  • Updated maps: Monastery, Ransom2, GetAway, IcyBreeze, Titanic, Resurrection, Spynet2, Verdon, Province.
  • 5 hostages per map limit removed.
  • New s_Trigger parameter: ActivatedBy. A specific team can use triggers, while the other won't be able to.
  • new Map Actor: TO_TriggeredSoundEffect. (with variable radius).

    This was a sweet MOD to start with and they only made it better.
    Source: UnrealCenter (http://www.unrealcenter.com)

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