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Subject: Medal of Honor : Allied Assault Preview

Based upon their viewing at a recent EA tour, Gamespy posted a new preview of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Included in the preview are some in-game screenshots and mention that a multiplayer demo will be available later this year. Here's what they have to say:

Visually, the game left us speechless. Even though the mission took place at night, we were able to see complex textures and shading on the walls and ground and particle effects from gun and machine gun fire and dynamic lighting coming from varied light sources. It truly was a visual delight. The soldiers moved more realistically in this rev then in previous demos. Instead walking in a stiff manner, soldiers had more of a realistic bounce to their step, some were even ducking to get out of harms way. In addition, the inside corridor areas were also extremely detailed. Everything from the wall textures to the interactive objects in the storage rooms and barracks -- it was all good. The user interface has also been streamlined making it easier to see what weapons you have.
Definately on the "must-have" list.
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