Are You Ready for Some Football

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Subject: Are You Ready for Some Football

Have you ever played NFL Blitz for console or PC? Have you ever wanted that action in your Quake 3 Arena playing? Well wait no further! The folks over at Q3 GRIDIRON have a MOD that is sure to satisfy your thirst for football and Quake 3. Q3 GRIDIRON places you on 1 of 15 different maps, all similar to a football field. There is a plain jane football field map, to full blown teleporters and jump pads. The map themes have a great feel to them. It's like playing in an actual arena, and who couldn't love playing Q3 with music like Led Zepplin cranking in the background!

The game starts out with the offence taking the ball. They have so many seconds to get down the field and score. Getting down the field isn't as easy as it sounds, because both teams are equiped with weapons to fight with. The offence can either run or throw (yes throw) the ball downfield. Unlimited passing can make the game very exciting. After the offence gets down the field, they have the option of trying to break it on into the endzone for 6, rocket jump through the uprights for 7, or kick the ever hard fieldgoal for 3. This all is available if you don't get picked off!

I could go on and on about this awesome MOD, but you must head over to their site and see all the goodies this MOD has. Download here, and I'll see you on the GRIDIRON!

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