Syrinx 2.5 Released

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Subject: Syrinx 2.5 Released

ZOD sends word that a new version of Syrinx Mod for Tribes 2 has been released.

The Temples of Syrinx are proud to introduce Syrinx 2.5 along with new Syrinx HUD and Syrinx Cycler client scripts. That's right, we have finally licked the instability problems that have been plaguing us for months now. Apparently one of the problems had to do with the new Sierra patch and its lame random CRC checking which unknown to us at the time can not be defeated on the datablock level. We have fixed this by removing a custom texture we were using for our deployable Ammo Stations.

This release adds a unique feature, when you deploy a Spider Clamp turret and then switch the barrel that is installed on it, the name of the Spider Clamp changes to reflect what barrel is currently installed.

We have also fixed yet another Dynamix mistake regarding the sounds played when a mortar turret fires. Dynamix apparently named the Missile Turret and Mortar Turret fire sounds the same thus negating the Mortars sound. We have corrected this mistake and now you get to hear what the Mortar Turrets fire sound was really supposed to be!

We would like to hand a huge thank you to KiKiN and Corneo for beta testing our multiple fix attempts over the last month, giving us valuable feedback. We would also like to thank the players that have stuck with the mod through this horrible time, without them, we probably would have given up on Syrinx. Thanks guys!
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