AvP II Tournament

Posters Name: Anthos
Posters Email: anthos@mwgl.org
Subject: AvP II Tournament

Play Aliens Vs. Predator II to win a custom sports car! Over $60,000 in prizes!

Battle for the chance to drive away in a 2002 Ford Focus ZX3 custom designed by APC. Join the Aliens Vs. Predator 2 computer game tournament sponsored by PNY and sanctioned by the Cyberathlete Professional League, and you could also win a home theater system, Verto Ti 500 Geforce 3 graphics cards from PNY, Motorola cell phones, Southpole outdoor gear, Aliens or Predator DVDs from Fox and Darkhorse Comics.

You can qualify for the tournament in one of three ways. PlanetAvP has more info for you and you can also visit the official tournament website.

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