Diablo II Realm Character Guardian

Posters Name: Anthos
Posters Email: anthos@mwgl.org
Subject: Diablo II Realm Character Guardian

Ever run into the problem of losing your Diablo II character because you didn't play it for a certain amount of time? Well, with this lovely little utility, you worries are no more. Take a look at this:

There's a new Diablo II and Lord of Destruction utility on the front, as we're now featuring Paladin's Realm Character Guardian program. This nifty little tool comes in a very small download, but it's a great way to keep track of the Realm characters you don't play very often. Battle.Net servers automatically delete Realm characters if they've been inactive for more than 90 days; but, with the use of this program (which doesn't require any account information), you'll have no worries about that. Find out exactly how the program works, and download it from its corner in our Files section.
Sounds like that's a program worth checking out, especially if you have long periods of inactivity in the Battle Realms.

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