Hitman 2 Preview And Q&A

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Subject: Hitman 2 Preview And Q&A

GameSpot has posted up a new preview of Hitman 2, the upcoming third person action game from IO Interactive and Eidos. There is also a Q&A with the lead designer of the game Jacob Andersen. Here is a snip:

GS: How many missions will be included? Will they be as large as the ones in the first game?

JA: There are currently 20 missions plus training levels in the game, split into six different chapters. We aimed at making them a bit smaller and more intense than some of the larger missions in Hitman, like the Budapest hotel killing and the Lee Hong assassination. But somehow, we still seemed to end up with pretty large missions. Not that you have lots of objectives, though, as most of the levels are pretty simple. For example, the agency wants this guy cold, and you have to make him that way. It's just that when we start building the levels, new ideas pop up and the level grows--not in size, but in complexity.

Source: HomeLan Fed (http://www.homelanfed.com/index.php)

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