Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Interview

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Subject: Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Interview

The Adrenaline Vault has posted up an extensive interview with Gearbox Software head man Randy Pitchford as he talks about their upcoming single player version of Counter-Strike, subtitled Condition Zero. Here is an excerpt of what you can find:

Playing through each of the Condition Zero missions with just one of the Special Forces teams will provide about 15-20 hours of gameplay. To be able to access all of the weapons and equipment and unlock all of the hidden scenarios, you'll want to play through the missions with each of the five teams. So, to complete everything the game has to offer in single-player mode can take much more than 60 hours. Then, you may want to try the missions cooperatively with friends. Of course, there's also endless play time with the online game, especially when you consider new features Condition Zero adds like additional weapons, new scenarios and game modes, new technology enhancements, and High Definition model upgrades.

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