Making WindowsXP Boot Faster

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Subject: Making WindowsXP Boot Faster

For those early adopters who have already switched to Windows XP, there's a nifty little tool called BootVis that can help make XP boot even faster (as if it wasn't quick enough). To run it, simply perform the following :

  • Close all running applications
  • Extract the bootvis.exe file from the downloaded archive.
  • Run bootvis.exe and go to File -> New -> Next Boot + Driver trace (machine will reboot)
  • After machine reboots and loads, BootVis optimizes the boot process of your computer - Voila!

    I didn't really see much of a difference after running it on my PC, but then again I've got the services/memory pretty tweaked as it is (49MB used by OS on clean boot), your mileage may vary.

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