Deus Ex 2 Update

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Subject: Deus Ex 2 Update

Planet Deus Ex has posted up a lengthy development update on Deus Ex 2 from Ion Storm Austin's Harvey Smith, along with some concept artwork from the upcoming action-RPG sequel. Here's part:DX2 will feature a much higher poly count for architecture and models than players saw in the first Deus Ex game. Plus, the models are fully boned and are being animated with a skeletal IK system, allowing for more animations and higher quality (motion captured) animations. The effects are really satisfying and reach into many areas of the game, improving it in both high-impact and subtle ways. For instance, we always wanted characters to have facial expressions, but could not afford it until now; we believe this feature alone will seriously improve the quality of the game's conversations and character interactions.Go have a look see.
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