Ghost Recon Interview

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Subject: Ghost Recon Interview

Producer Darren Chukitus sits down and answers some questions after wrapping up Ghost Recon. Here's a preview for ya

IGNPC: Let's talk about design. At what point does extreme realism stop being fun? When do you say, "This is realistic but it's maybe not the experience we want the player to have?" How did you compromise reality for the sake of the gameplay?

Darren Chukitus: Put it this way. There are a lot of systems that we use in the game -- weaponry, the command map -- that are great. But what sense is it for me to allow a guy to snipe across the full distance of the map? It just doesn't make any sense. A lot of people were concerned that Ghost Recon was going to be a snipe fest. You'd have these outdoor environments and people were just going to camp and snipe and that's definitely not the case.
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