Deus Ex 2 Preview

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Subject: Deus Ex 2 Preview

PC.IGN has a small preview with a couple of screenshots of the sequel to Deus Ex, previous Game of the Year.

As good as the gameplay was, Warren is committed to pushing it into new directions. The team's goal is to craft a "much more robust simulation on all levels." This means creating a wider range of natural reactions on the part of the NPCs to the player's actions. The ability of the player to feel like he or she is in control of his or her own destiny is paramount. There were far too many pre-scripted events in Deus Ex -- moments where the game took over and forced the player into or out of particular situations. But although the goal is to make "the game world work the way the real world works" the team ardently follows the rule of all good game designers: "Anytime reality gets in the way of fun, fun wins."
So, head on over and enjoy the preview.

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