Dead or Alive 3 Preview

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Subject: Dead or Alive 3 Preview

So you've pre-registered to get you brand spankin' new XBox when it's released this Thursday. Now how do you pass the time? You could get yourself more psyched about the system by reading the Adrenaline Vaults' preview of Tecmo's new Dead or Alive 3. Here's a snip of just how good this game is:

Dead or Alive 3 will be the title that moves the X-Box on impulse purchases; the graphics ensure that countless store owners will be grinning maniacally as their clientele gape helplessly at its demonstration matches. Cranking up the polygon counts to about 20,000 per character, this arcade fighter stretches more detail over a forearm than the original Virtua Fighter could display at any given time. Close examination of the characters allows you to discern carefully designed texture work that indicates not only the coarseness and type of fabric, but also the physique underneath. Each character's hair, accessories and clothing in general moves with them and animates with physics real enough to make you cringe when your fighter slams face first into a nearby wall.
I'm not much for fighting games anymore, but this one is just stunning!

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