Intel releases 802.11a Wireless kits

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Subject: Intel releases 802.11a Wireless kits

If you're into wireless networking, then 802.11b is a household name for you as it's the current standard in wireless home/office networking. Now things get kicked into high gear with Intel's release of the Intel Pro/Wireless 5000 LAN Access Point and adapters. Based on the 802.11a standard, these puppies have a throughput of up to 5x faster than 802.11b and operate in the 5 GHz spectrum (2.4 GHz for 802.11b). The access point is a tad more expensive (about $500) than current 802.11b models (around $200 now) but for those who need the newest playtoy, price won't matter much. With optional equipment, these are also backwards compatible with current 802.11b installations.

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