Have Palm, Will Serious Sam

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: Have Palm, Will Serious Sam

Enjoy playing some Serious Sam? Own a Palm? You're in luck! According to this post over at AVault there is going to be a Palm OS port of the game. In a word:

Global Star Software today announced they have gone gold with Serious Sam for the Palm OS. Serious Sam for Palm will be available early December in Stores across North America with a recommended price of only $19.99. In Serious Sam for Palm OS, Sam Stone travels back to ancient Egypt to fend off invading monster hordes and explore ancient temples and caves. This adventure brings the 3D-shooter genre to the PDA, and will feature tons of weapons and ammo such as flame-throwers and rocket launchers, 15 levels to explore, and over a dozen enemies. Serious Sam will also include color and grayscale versions to accommodate various PDA capabilities.
Yet another marvelous reason to own a Palm. Track meetings, send e-mail, play games!

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