Star Wars: Obi-Wan Preview

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Subject: Star Wars: Obi-Wan Preview

This preview brought to you by the folks over at GameSpot.Here's a preview of the preview:

While Obi-Wan's control and gameplay have remained solid in spite of the game's change in platforms, the game's graphics reflect the travails of the switch with an uneven look. At present, the game doesn't appear to have completely shaken off its PC "look" when coming to the Xbox, resulting in blockier characters, noticeably bitmapped backgrounds, and stiff animation which will hopefully be smoothed out by the game's release. This makes for an uneven overall presentation as there are some very nice graphical features on display such as reflective water, self-shadowing on Obi-Wan, and light sourcing. However, to the game's credit, the environments are extremely large and expansive and the frame rate remains fairly high.
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