Return To Castle Wolfenstein Shelf Date News!

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Subject: Return To Castle Wolfenstein Shelf Date News!

id Software's Todd Hollenshead has updated his .plan file to reflect some news about the imminent release of Return To Castle Wolfenstein:

"According to my sources at Activision, the following stores will have the game available tomorrow, Tuesday November 20:

Best Buy
EB (Canada)

If you pre-ordered the Tin, I think those should be available tomorrow in the locations listed above, but you may want to call ahead to make sure. If you didn't order a Tin, but would like to pick one up, I understand that a limited number may make their way to store shelves. I'm guessing that any available Tin boxes will disappear as soon as they hit the shelves.

The official strategy guide from Prima should be available this coming Friday, and they've done a really nice job on this one. If you've been following the news about Wolf, you know that there are a ton of secrets and easter eggs in the game not to mention the various tactical approaches you can take to a given scenario and the guide will take you through all of that.

I look forward to seeing a bunch of you on the servers tomorrow! Schnell! Schnell!
Get there early!
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