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Subject: The Future of Tribes

Alex "Marweas" Rodberg, Sierra's TRIBES 2 brand manager, has offered some clarification on the future of Tribes 2 in a post over at the PlanetTribes Forums. Part of the reason behidn the message is due to some of the the recent changes at Sierra, including the departure of much of the team from Dynamix responsible for creating the game. Here's the word:

I know it's been a rough couple of weeks. The recent retirement of some notable teams and individuals from T2 was a disappointment to many including myself. The DoS attack on the authorization servers last week didn't make anybody's day either. The bug problems, the gameplay issues, the quitting and complaining theyre enough to make anyone throw in their towel. Some even said the end was at hand.

But its not.

Today Sierra stepped up and reaffirmed its commitment to the Tribes brand, and to their customers. The Tribes team received a go-ahead on a proposal that among other things includes a plan for addressing the remaining critical issues with Tribes 2. We want to eliminate UEs, improve FPS, nerf the ELF a little, and fix other problems that prevent people from playing their game. There is more in the works that will make Tribers happy, but I know youre not big on hype so well get there when we get there.

Please understand that while this bodes very well for all of us, ITS NOT YET A PROMISE OF A PATCH. I cannot commit to that until we sign a contract with the developer. It is still possible for the negotiations to go south or some other obstacle to arise. Ive promised to play straight with you and this is how it is.

I dont have an estimate for how long the negotiations and signing will take, but were looking for a speedy turn-around. I will update as I can given the typical restrictions during a contract negotiation.

vvo - Alex

"Sweep all out and bust up!"
I still prefer loading up a good 'ol game of Tribes (first one). It may not have the graphics engine like todays games, but it's still fun as heck.

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