Linking XBox with GameSpy Tunnel

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: Linking XBox with GameSpy Tunnel

GameSpy has released GameSpy Tunnel, a nifty little application for connecting Microsoft System Link games (XBox) over the Internet. Games that are currently working with this are Halo, Tony Hawk 2x, and NASCAR Heat 2002. In order for this magic to work, you'll need:

  • Microsoft Xbox console
  • Any supported game (as listed above)
  • A fast broadband connection (At least 128kbps upstream, Halo can require up to 256kbps upstream bandwidth per player. You WILL experience lag and connection loss problems if this speed is not met. No modem support is available or planned - Go figure, in Microsoft's world, everybody has broadband)
  • A supported network configuration
  • Fairly simple from the looks of it, just make sure you got the speed.

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