Voodoo Card Rebates

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: Voodoo Card Rebates

Still running your machine on a 3dfx/Voodoo video adapter but wanting to upgrade? Looks as if PNY and NVidia have teamed up and are now offering a select form of rebates for Voodoo card owners:

Under the program guidelines, consumers who purchase a PNY Verto MX 400, GeForce2 Ti, or GeForce3 Ti 500 graphics card will receive a cash-back bonus ranging from $10 to $30, depending on the specific PNY Verto graphics card purchased, upon trade-in of their old 3dfx card. In addition, those who purchase a Verto GeForce3 Ti 500 by December 31, 2001, will receive an added bonus -- a pair of i-O Display Systems' 3D Smart Glasses, a $49.99 value. All Verto graphics cards come with PNY's lifetime replacement warranty and toll-free technical support.
Yeah, the idea of a $30 rebate towards a $300 video card is gonna get me to pony up my Voodoo 5500, pfft right!

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