G4 Video Game TV Network Arriving in 2002

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: G4 Video Game TV Network Arriving in 2002

Finally, something to watch besides old reruns of Starcade (ok, most are scrathing their head "Huh?"). According to this press release it appears as if Comcase is going to be launching a new video game television network called, "G4". Scheduled to start in April 2002, it is touted as being a 24/7 television network dedicated 100% to "the source of entertainment, news and information for video game enthusiasts." And now a quote:

"Over 145 million Americans play computer and video games," said Banse. "This diverse community needs representation on our channel line-up. Comcast has been an avid supporter of G4 from its earliest development. G4 is a totally unique programming service that will appeal to video gamers everywhere. We are delighted to be offering G4 to Comcast customers as well as making this channel available to cable and satellite distributors nationwide."
Pure goodness. I wonder what will get shown late-night?

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