Serious Sam 1.05 Patch

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Subject: Serious Sam 1.05 Patch

Croteam, the folks behind Serious Sam, have released a patch this morning for their first-person action game. This patch updates you to version 1.05 and weighs in at 5.5 MB. You can grab the download right here from Rockstar. A list of updates/improvments include:

  • added support for DirectX 8
  • due to clipping optimizations for non-T&L cards and GeForce2 series, mirrors now work much faster in OpenGL
  • added iFeel support for tactile feedback mice
  • support for ATI Truform (N-Patches) both in OpenGL and D3D
  • added support for playing Ogg Vorbis music files
  • added MOTD (Message Of The Day) on server
  • better support for MODs in Serious Editor
  • and some more fixes and improvements...
  • If you still play this one, it'll definately be worth your time to go grab the update.

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