Alliance 3.0 Patch

Posters Name: WaRMaN
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Subject: Alliance 3.0 Patch

The Alliance team has released a 1 MB patch. Here are some of the fixes:

  • FFA server, then ref change to a team game; players spawn on 'Free Team' instead of red or blue, fixed.
  • Runefx2, resist shader broken, fixed.
  • Broken auto hud switching between insta and other game modes, fixed.
  • HTF scoring bug, fixed.
  • Flag returns in fog on actf41 even if you don't die, fixed
  • Actf39 2D radar pic / bases switched, fixed
  • 2x flag/rune bug, fixed
  • Many issues involved with loading of models and bots, fixed
  • Lagometer covers scores on HUD, fixed.

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