Gundam - Coming To An Online Community Near You

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Subject: Gundam - Coming To An Online Community Near You

Like anime? Like big, powerful robots? How about both in an online MMORPG based universe? Well, it's no longer a pipe-dream as there is apparently going to be one pased on the Gundam universite titled Gundam Online: From some of the sweet looking screenshots, is appears as ifyou operate powered armor (Gundams), capital ships and intermingle with the populace in human form in large sprawling cities. A word from their site: is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game based on "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM." It reproduces the Earth Territories of "GUNADAM" in actual measurements, and has a system capable of connecting 160,000 people at once. It also puts an effort in losing the server boundary which is one of the problems of network RPG by providing one powerful server, entirely for the game.

The player becomes one of the residents on Earth Territories at the beginning of the "One Year War." When creating a character, the player must decide between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon, and work for the prosperity of the chosen nation.
160,000 people at once? Sign me up, I'll break my EQ habit like that!

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