Return To Castle Wolfenstein CD-Key Issue

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Subject: Return To Castle Wolfenstein CD-Key Issue

id Software's Paul Jaquays has given some update over on the PlanetWolfenstein Forums with some info on error messages you may recieve reguarding the recent rash of CDKey issues. Read on brotha:

Possible Solutions and Work-arounds to Invalid CD-Key issues. Iíve added in some language from Graeme Devineís .plan file of 12-10-01.

Chances are, if you are reading this thread, it's because you're not able to play on-line due to recieving an Invalid CD-Key message or unauthorized CD key message. If you are playing with a pirated copy of RTCW and are using a warez'd or "generated" CD-Key, then you're S.O.L., because the following aren't really going to be of any use to (go buy a copy of the game).

Invalid CD Key
If you get an "invalid_cdkey" message back from a server, that REALLY means that the authorize server has received your CD-key, decoded it, and found it to be BAD. Re-entering the CD-key from your jewel case should fix this problem. It does not ever give this message with good CD-keys.
Maybe you can get a real copy for Christmas and truly enjoy the mayhem! Keep up to date and get more info other issues from the PlanetWolfenstein Forums.

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