Anarchy Online Layoffs

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Subject: Anarchy Online Layoffs

According to this report over at AO Basher, Funcom (the folks behind Anarchy Online) has layed of 30 folks from the Norwegian headquarters. Because they are focusing all their attention at the moment on Anarchy Online, this news also means that Midgard, their other planned MMORPG, is on hold, "but definitely not cancelled."

The entire mobile department and 20 other people in various "side projects" have been made temporally unemployed. Earlier this year, the division in Ireland, responsible for developing XBOX games, was also shut down.

We are cutting down on all auxiliary functions to focus 100% on Anarchy Online. Everyone who has been involved in AO is of course still securely holding on to their jobs, according to Funcom's manager for Public Relations, Marit Lund.
Ouch! Better hope they can keep paying the bills or kiss your online MMORPG goodbye!.

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