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Caster's Realm has posted a rather lengthy forum thread from Scott Hartsman of the EverQuest Live team explaining some of the reasons why EverQuest: Shadows of Luclin requires so much memory. The entire post is way to long to list here, but the overall note is that DirectX 8.1 and the number of resources (600 MB) that need to be loaded are too much even for a power user. Here's a brief quote on some things to try if you're having framerate issues:

You might want to try setting all of the options that give you better framerate, just to use as a benchmark, then adding things in one at a time and seeing how it works for you.

I'd recommend moving to Texture Quality 3, disabling all the models, disabling the new social animations (which at that point would just disable Socials on the Vah Shir), and turning MipMap off, then see how it goes, and add new things back one at a time.

Not saying it's going to be perfect - But that's what I did on my home machine. (Which isn't stellar, but is still extremely playable for me.)
Disabling models makes a heck of a difference on most machines and I don't feel as if I'm missing much as most the new models suck anyway (IMHO).

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