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Subject: Command & Conquer Renegade Preview

GameSpot UK has a preview of Command and Conquer Renegade for your reading pleasure. This FPS action game from Westwood Studios is scheduled for release in late February 2002. Snip snip:

While the first mission in Renegade is very much an introduction to foot-based warfare and features quite a few objectives (see the first preview in this series), mission two puts you in the hot seat for a lot longer - and with a lot more variety. This mission mainly takes place outdoors but towards the end there is plenty of indoor action too. It also gives you control of tanks for the first time. The primary objective in mission two is to locate some missing GDI scientists, but as it progresses, over a dozen other objectives are introduced too. This is a pattern that's repeated throughout the game's levels and locales.
We'll see how things go with Westwood's venture back into an FPS (we'll not even mention Tiberian Sun).
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