GameBoy Advanced Emulator

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Subject: GameBoy Advanced Emulator

Visual Boy Advance v0.7a has just been released for your gaming pleasures. For those of you who have never used it, Visual Boy Advance is a GameBoy Advance and GameBoy emulator that runs in Windows. It supports GameBoy Advance, GameBoy Color, and GameBoy games emulation as well as GameGenie. Here's what's fixed in the new version:

  • Fixed slowdown/graphic sync problem
  • Added BIOS calls Stop, IntrWait and SoundBiasReset (missing from 0.7 changes)
  • enabled experimental graphic filters: pixelate and motion blur (config file or through command line on SDL or registry on Windows version)
  • Windows version: fixed x4 problem
  • This is one of the better, if not currently the best, emulators available. Check it out.

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