GameSpy's "Emergent Behavior"

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Subject: GameSpy's "Emergent Behavior"

GameSpy has an interesting editorial posted this morning titled Emergent Behavior in which the editor examines the current trends of the game industry and then offers an opinion or two on where it needs to go, basically taking the path of the constant barrage of "been there, done that" games released to the public these days. Here's a snip:

Now take away the cutscenes. Take away the linear story. Take away the very idea that the game "ends," and let me define my own goals. Let me join the police. Let me join a gang. Let me try to break into a well-guarded mansion, just to see if I can do it.

The technology is here, or nearly so, to allow for this evolution to occur. A generation of hardware, two at most, and polygon counts will no longer be an issue. Framerate will not be a concern. Build me a city, make it run, drop me in it, and let me make my game.
It's a fun little read, and it will be interesting to see if/how games evolve in the next few years as technology gets to a point where it is no longer an issue for anything game designers want to do.
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