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Subject: Medal of Honor : Allied Assult Demo

Ready for another Quake 3 engined FPS? Good, because Electronic Arts has released a playable demo of their WW2 era Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, weighing in at 133MB.

The demo level will be a Free-for-All deathmatch in the war-torn cityscape of Stalingrad. This is a level where standing in the open will get you killed in a hurry. While not the wide-open landscape of Omaha Beach, this level has some intense building-to-building fighting. We had a 20-player deathmatch going here on Friday and it was insane.

There will be 6 character models available, 3 Allied and 3 Axis. You can play as Manon from Medal of Honor Underground, U.S. Airborne, and U.S. Regular Army on the Allied side. As part of the Axis force, you can play as an Afrika Corps Private, a Wehrmacht soldier, and a Panzer tank commander.

All of the weapons will be available in the demo including the Browning Automatic Rifle, Thompson sub machine gun, MP40, Panzerfaust and bazooka. There is also a mounted MG-42 that players can man, however, without a buddy; you ARE vulnerable to sniper fire.
Can't download from the main site? No problem, try these mirrors as well:File Planet, FileFront/VE, or 3DGamers.

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