UT Strike Force Patch

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: UT Strike Force Patch

Version 1.70 of the Unreal Tournament mod Strike Force is out, weighing in at 66MB. If you currently don't have 1.60 installed, you'll have to get that first as 1.70 is just an update. What's new?:

  • New terroist skins
  • New and faster online server browser
  • Reduced online net lag
  • Easter Eggs
  • Delay on prone and firing
  • New anit-cheat code
  • Dual primary option which allows 2 primary weapons + 2 secondary weapons (server side)
  • New knife animations for third person knife attacks
  • Turned hat around on terrorist models
  • Added the new night vision goggles
  • Yes, some people still play UT (*gasp*).

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