Neverwinter Nights Legal Battles

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Subject: Neverwinter Nights Legal Battles

The lastest issue of Gamespin, zooms in on the big legal battle over NeverWinter Nights. They have the inside story from the role playing game manager at Wizards of the Coast, Anthony Valterra, who discusses the options open to BioWare, how and when he found out about the legal problems, the contract and licensing for D20, some of the projects Wizard's are involved in and more. Snip:

So it looks like BioWare is stuck with Interplay and vice versa if either wants to see Neverwinter Nights released. Remember, though, that Interplay once upon a time was making a GURPS game out of Fallout and converted that title into a generic RPG. It would be quite ironic if BioWare managed to do something like that with Neverwinter Nights.
Sad to see such a promising game get hung up in legal issues.

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