Ages of Athiria Revealed

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Subject: Ages of Athiria Revealed

For those who can't get enough of the never-ending supply of new MMORPG's, Elysian Productions is pleased to announce their upcoming offering titled Ages of Athiria. The game is best described as a fantasy flavored persistent world roleplaying game set in a world with the usual cavalcade of character classes, races and monsters (heard that one before eh?). The game will use a skill system that sounds allot like Ultima Online's (at this early stage, anyway), a fully 3D game world and will offer both third-person and first-person perspective. You can learn more by reading the FAQ, history section, as well as their About section. If you could care less about the background and more about the graphics, then head on over to their Art section. Graphic wise, this game looks to be on par, if not a tad better than Dark Age of Camelot.

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