Marjor WinXP Security Hole

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Subject: Marjor WinXP Security Hole

Although it's not really game related, there is a serious security hole in Windows XP so you'd be best to run Windows Update ASAP. Evidently the flaws stem from the Universal Plug and Play feature (you know turn on your microwave, tv, A/C, etc. from your laptop) inherant to every copy of XP (and possibly, if added manually, to Windows ME.) The word according to the Washington Post:

A Microsoft official acknowledged that the risk to consumers was unprecedented because the glitches allow hackers to seize control of all Windows XP operating system software without requiring a computer user to do anything except connect to the Internet.
Ouch, this type of news can't come at a worst time (i.e. Christmas shopping season) for an Operating System that Microsoft toughts as it's most advanced and most secure one yet! Flintstones, meet the Flintstones...

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