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Subject: Model Train Simulator Trainz Demo

What better way to spend Christmas than playing with your new model train set? Not getting one? No worries! Strategy First has a demo (55MB) up for your downloading pleasure of the model train simulator Trainz from Australian developer Auran. The release is supposed to be available early next year. Snip:

Trainz is quite unique in its approach and features elements that have not been addressed in other games like it. Players are able to design and build their very own virtual railroad. They create their own imaginative environments where their tracks will lie and when they're done they can grab their engineer caps and ride the rails!

The Surveyor Editor featured in the game will allow players to shape moutains, canyons and valleys all in a matter of seconds. They will control survey and route planning for a rail company and allows them to cut grades through hills, bore tunnels, construct bridges and position scenery objects. Using the Trainz driver module, players can climb into the cab of any of their locomotives and rotate in a full 360 degree vision from various positions.
Chuga-chuga choo-choo!

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