DarkSpace - Another MMOG Goes Live

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: DarkSpace - Another MMOG Goes Live

Starting today, the MMOG DarkSpace switches gear and heads into pay for play. Those who had been playing in the massively multiplayer space game are now required to pay a $9.95 monthly subscription in order to continue their trek through space. As before, the DarkSpace client, which offers both a tutorial and a demo mode, is still available as a free download. Curious what it's about? In a word:

Hundreds of players will join together online in a fast paced struggle for mankind's destiny. Individual mission goals will vary and successful completion of objectives will alter the galaxy toward that faction's favor. The galaxy is designed to be altered directly by concerted player effort. By cooperation within a faction or group, players will achieve scenario objectives and push back the rival factions. Random events are possible and will definitely require player cooperation to save the chosen faction from obliteration.

The ship the player chooses determines their role in the Universe. The scout helps lift the fog of war, while the battle cruiser smashes the enemy. Transports carry troops for planetary invasions and the engineering ship builds defense platforms and sensor stations.
Hmm, for those who remember the days of old BBS door-games, this sounds quite familiar to the old Tradewars game, with a few new kicks!

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