Sven Co-Op Half-Life Mod Beta 2.0

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: Sven Co-Op Half-Life Mod Beta 2.0

For those that still can't get enough Half-Life mods and add-ons, Beta 2.0 of the Sven Co-op mod has been released over at the official web site. According to them, this latest Beta is quite a leap over the previous release. What's new?:

  • New weapons, monsters, player models, etc.
  • All but two of the Valve Single-player map chapters fully playable (still working on the last two)
  • New, high-quality maps, by people such as Tylak, FireArms Lead Map Designer.
  • New mapping features, such as per-monster model replacement
  • Tons and tons of bugfixes, smaller features, tweaks, etc. (Voting system, MP3 player, bonus features, etc.)
  • Something to pass the time when you're not playing Counter-Strike.

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