Alienware PCs - Available Via BestBuy?

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Subject: Alienware PCs - Available Via BestBuy?

Alienware PCs are now being sold through It's a sign of the times when you see such a mainstream retailer like BestBuy forge something with a company dedicated to killer gaming machines. has become the first online retailer to offer personal computers from Alienware Corp. Systems offered include Alienware’s Area-51 model 2.0 GHz and 1.6 GHz systems, which are available in Space Black, Conspiracy Blue or Saucer Silver.

"We have customers who are looking for products that are beyond ordinary in technology, performance and style. With the addition of Alienware, we can meet the demanding needs of the advanced PC user and strengthen our position in the PC market,” stated Arnel de Jesus,'s general manager of computers and photo imaging.
I can only hope this proves fruitful and that someday you can walk into BestBuy and walk out with an Alienware PC, rather than doing it all online.
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