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While it may not float everybody's boat, the gents at UnknownPlayer have updated their site with a new "experience" article. This round, they take on Wizards of the Coast's upcoming online game based on Magic: The Gathering Trading Cards, properly titled Magic: The Gathering Online (catchy huh?!) slated for a Spring 2002 release. The article tells of the author's woes and countless hours of fun playing the game. Word:

M:TGOL is essentially poor-man-with-no-friends's Magic: The Gathering, unless the plan on making people buy booster packs in-game with real money. Then, it's rich-man-with-no-friend's Magic: The Gathering. The beta experience has been enjoyable enough to keep me out of EQ for a while, even if the guy I'm currently playing has lost connection seven times. Is M:TGOL something that is going to beat even AC in terms of subscription numbers? Probably not, but it is a nice kick back to a game that was legitimately balanced with just enough luck, player skill, and monetary resources to make it worth while.
Imagine all the fun, and you won't need to shell out hundred of dollars to own a Beta Black Lotus!

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