Playnet Bankruptcy And World War II Offline?

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Subject: Playnet Bankruptcy And World War II Offline?

File this one under "sux0rz!". Icrontic has word that Playnet has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Being that Playnet owned Cornered Rat Studios, creators of World War II Online, this more than likely will mean the game will gone as well. Word:

Well, in no surprise, Playnet has filed for Chapter 11 bankrupcty. I got an appearance and demand for service letter today from their lawyer in re to PLAYNET INC., a Texas coperation, filing for Chapter 11, case No 01-49209-BJH-11. The same letter was mailed to all of Playnet's debtors, including credit card companies and past affiliates. Apparently I'm not going to get paid what's owed to me (I'll have to see my lawyer about it), which is around five months back pay. I was the biggest money making affiliate at Playnet, and was owed the most money out of any other affiliate in the network. Playnet also owns Cornered Rat Software, which developed World War II Online. I would presume they are going to be shutting down as well.
It appears as if this may have possibly already happened, as both the Cornered Rat Software and WWII Online pages are unavailable as of this morning.
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