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Subject: Getting Into The Biz

For those who have thought about a career in the gaming industry, PC Game Central has posted a Q&A all about Getting into the Biz. In this session, they sat down with Harvard Bonin of Westwood Studios to discuss important things such as how he got into gaming, the best and worst of his job, 3 qualities needed to be a producer and more. Snip:

Who/What is the greatest influence on your job?

Harvard: I've had many influences throughout the years but I think my current Executive Producer/VP has had the most profound effect on my skills and attitude. When I first started working with him I thought I knew everything. That seems to be the curse for most young developers. Now, 5 years later, I'm still learning and I expect this will continue through my career. Beyond that, my parents had an incredible effect on me. The commitment to working hard, being patient, ethical and fair was instilled into me early on. Hopefully I've achieved that but I'm not sure since my Dad feels the need to give me regular advice about my life. Oh well, maybe he'll be satisfied some day! :)
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