No Items Quake 3: Q3A MOD

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Subject: No Items Quake 3: Q3A MOD

No Items Quake 3 (NIQ3) is a MOD, in my opinion, that was over-looked. This MOD places you in the deathmatch scene with the same weapon as everyone else. Then after 30 seconds the weapon for everyone randomly switches. You now must duel it out with the new (same) weapon. This MOD is a test of true skill. You must be skillful with a majority of the weapons to be victorious.

There are no powerups on the maps to revive you, so your attacks must be precise. Some weapon rotations include the normal weapons, and a few combos:

  • Haste with Grenade Launcher
  • Flight with Rail Gun
  • QUAD GAUNTLET! <- My favorite
  • and a few more
  • Last thing which deserves a mention to you single game players. NIQ3 allows you to use it's game play in the single player mode. Do it all over again with a mix. You can download the 1.5 MB file here.

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