QFrag: Q3A MOD

Posters Name: WaRMaN
Posters Email: warman@mwgl.org
Subject: QFrag: Q3A MOD

For a different twist on deathmatch for Quake 3, download QFrag (1 Mb). The game mixes powerful weapons with a radar that tells you the where abouts of the enemy. The radar is read by a 3 color system. Green = with you, Blue = above you, and Red = below you. All three and you are staring down your enemy. The game also features an off hand grapple with "hanging" capability, and jump boots for scooting across the map a little faster.

The weapons are the default weapons with a little punch added to them. Here are a few examples:

  • SHOTGUN-Extremely high powered with double slug firing
  • PLASMA GUN-These projectiles are bouncing balls and one can get lost when they are fired
  • RAIL GUN-It fires quickly and penetrates walls like it would in the real world
  • GRENADE LAUNCHER-Fires straight fast and true to exploded into 4 more grenades that clear a area also there is a bind for detonate in the setup/controls/misc menu to explode the grenades sooner if you like
  • The game installs easy, and is worth some playing time with others or bots.

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