Counter-Strike Configurator+

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Subject: Counter-Strike Configurator+

There's a new release of the Counter-Strike Configurator up for grabs, actually they're calling it CS Configurator+ with the new 3.0 release. One major change is that the previously shareware download, is now freeware. What all is new?

  • Counter-Strike Configurator is now freeware (you can use all functions: Bindings, CVARs, change HUDs and Sprites, etc.)
  • New design
  • New sprites - sniper scopes (22), radars (10), console bg's(11)
  • New option - maps cycling list - create your own trip by C.S. maps!
  • You will be able to choose more than 40 hidden C.S. preferences
  • Configure your CS and bind your keys with an easy to use interface
  • And a lot of other new things
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