Internet File Sharing and Trojans

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Subject: Internet File Sharing and Trojans

Anbody who's into sharing files (MP3, avi, etc.) over the internet should take note of this interesting C|Net News story the popular file-sharing programs Grokster and Limeware both bring privacy timebombs. Apparently some experts have found malicious software bundled with them:

A pair of popular file-sharing programs have become privacy time bombs, according to computer experts.

Antivirus company Symantec last week reported the presence of malicious software bundled with Grokster and Limewire, two popular file-swapping downloads. The code evidently does not damage computers, but it surreptitiously sends personal information such as user ID names and the Internet address of computers to another Web address.

Advertising software called "Clicktilluwin" that comes bundled with the file-swapping programs is infected with a Trojan horse program called "W32.DlDer," Symantec said.

Although unrelated advertising programs are routinely bundled with free file-swapping programs--and have prompted some consumer criticism in the past--this appears to be the first time one of them has been infected by outside malicious software.
Word to the wise, beware of spying eyes.

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