Graphics Over Gameplay

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Subject: Graphics Over Gameplay

Interesting editorial over at 3DActionPlanet which is entitled "Are Graphics Replacing Gameplay?", in which they tackle the trend these days wherein games are more of an eyecandy fest rather than giving a good gameplay. Snip:

The fact is, all successful game developers are simply part of a business. The goal of most any company, after providing a product, of course, is to make a profit. It is, then, in the best interest of the companies producing these games to produce the flashier and better selling games. Companies cannot capitulate to a minority demographic of their audience and, in turn, shun the mainstream gamer. If the greater mass wants a game that focuses on graphic content rather than game play, it is for corporate success that the producers of those games must create graphically inclined games. Because it is in the best interest of the companies, it should also be in the best interest of the community. I think it can be agreed that the next step for producers in their work is compromise.
Mmmm, eyecandy.
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